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Mode of action and radiation pattern of mutually pushing turbulent thermal radiation.


Ideal e.g., spine (left = I.).  


This is a novel hyperthermia application: the 5-sided surface of each crystal tip (center, II. below) radiates in 5 directions. The neighboring crystal grown next to it, but oriented differently, does likewise. Thus, their heat waves overlap and build up and overlap turbulently (comparable in the picture on the right = III.). Only a crystal druse/surface consists of vast amounts of peaks, which are additionally "fired" by lower smaller crystal formations.


See the center of image II. "Small (SC/KK) medium (MC/MK) and large in or intergrown crystals (LC/GK).


This results in softer embracing and increased energy and heat flow. Very pleasant to use.


No side effects so far! Except for some skin irritation, as with mild sunburn (depending on skin type)


Important: Crystal formations are never identical (in structure and effect) and do not behave that way. Learning by doing!

Effect: Propagation by division! The crystal surfaces consist of a collection of many differently large and differently aligned crystals, which produce MANY mutually overlapping heat waves. This "soft radiation" is now a "more circulating heat". Quite different from the bulging direct heat wave of previous stone or infrared heaters.

Our world needs innovations that make us more independent from oil and the most beautiful version and the invention is crystal heating or crystal stove (heating with crystals).

Did you know that? "The future belongs to radiant heating". This slogan can be found again and again in Internet research. Comprehensible, since with usually small current expenditure heat waves flow by the area, comparably the sunbeams. That this matured technology is still increasable, leads the development leader of in form of a turbulent radiation heating forward. "The heating fronts are improved by crystal plate inlays so far, that now a mode of operation develops like on the sun surface. These radiating and differently sized crystals produce heat waves overlapping each other many times, which results in a turbulent radiating surface. These mutually nudging and overlapping waves thus produce a more space-filling and improved work and heat output. The MX series prototype produced up to 150°C at an incredible 250 watts (pictured above is the upright furnace 001. Approx. 20 kg).

Furthermore, the optical appearance and the healthier heat sensation were increased (= the radiation comes softer and more swirled and not full frontal). The patent, which has been applied for in the meantime, cannot possibly be used worldwide by us alone. Therefore, we are looking for co-users or interested parties, e.g., for a sole foreign use!".

Applicable to almost all stone and electric heating. CONCLUSION: the future belongs to turbulent radiant heating (crystal stove or electric mini-tiled stove with crystal inserts).

Addendum: this patent application can be used worldwide in any country by a person/company if the written consent of the inventor is available.

It is the future for all of us! Why should we waste a small swimming pool full of heating oil every year when it is much cheaper and nicer? Suitable crystals are available in unlimited quantity since these are natural occurrences in the structure of our earth and almost all planets.

According to the patent office, the official release will be on 09.09.2010. For this reason, no one has been able to research or find this yet. NOBODY KNOWS! First worldwide presentation: IENA 2009 (International Trade Fair)

Highly interesting guest comments: 1. "Due to the atomic structure inside these crystals, vibrations occur, which cause an additional amplification and thus a different energy flow". 2. "I could immediately feel the very large positive radiation of the crystal heating with you". 3rd esoteric: "The crystals have the great task to have to clean our world again. Not only the pollution from oil and gas". 4. "You can't even begin to guess how great this invention is that you have on display here!" 5. "Brave new future is now becoming visible and tangible.". 6. "You are changing the laws with natural energy!"

  1. Building electric fields & heat is atomic energy".

  2. Peter Benner: It all feels right and good to me. When crystals perceive that they are not abused, but used, they gladly give their consent for such ideas and experiments and make themselves available to us. As you know, crystals give off a part of their energetic charge when heated, so the radiated heat gets an additional energy boost. 9. Dr. Almut Clausen, (, ...we enjoy these pieces of jewelry every day. They spread a very pleasant warmth. I can see from my orchids that they also feel good: they are blooming! Written:15.12.2010 about their crystal ovens!


Patent and PROTECTION CLAIMS: Rights of use for crystal heating production are granted = solution for a better world.


Rights of use for crystal heating production are granted = solution for a better world.

Also possible: lying crystal furnace with under beam and additional crystal ball in the amethyst field. Attention: normal crystal furnaces become approx. 120°C. Additional gain due to crystal inlays.

Award example: You also want to produce these heaters. This is done straightforwardly with my consent (author, developer, and patent holder). A right of use is given to their person.

But training in the construction of these heaters and their application is necessary!

Seminar/learning course and personal permission crystal ovens to

build: (under construction)

Otherwise individual courses as well as distance learning possible by arrangement!



There is also a possibility of subcontracting your designed crystal plates, which will be installed in our furnaces = partial production.



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